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TRUE Soda Base Kit

TRUE Soda Set- Ginger Syrup, Kola Syrup, and Tonic Syrup

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Looking to up your soda game? Or maybe you want to put your Sodastream™ to use? This set of our three best-selling, all-natural syrups will make you a whopping 75 Ginger Beers, Tonic Waters, and Kola Sodas, minus the artificial flavoring and preservatives found in most sodas. Too much math? Simply said these are great for cocktails, refreshing mocktails, or healthy sodas for the kids. More about these three awesome syrups:

-Our ginger syrup is made from pure ginger juice (we juice it ourselves) and organic cane sugar. Ginger Beer doesn't get more ginger-y than this. Use this syrup 1:5 with club soda or seltzer.

-Our tonic syrup is made from the natural source of quinine and spices inspired by British India, where the Gin & Tonic was born. Use this tonic 1:3 with club soda or seltzer to make authentic tonic water.

-Our kola syrup is made from a natural source of caffeine originally used in Kola around the end of the 19th century- African Kola Nuts. Use this kola base 1:6 with club soda to make an authentic kola soda.