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TRUE Authentic Kola Syrup - 16 oz

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Kola nuts were once so treasured that ten was a gift for a king. Our Authentic Kola Syrup is made from real Kola nuts, mixed with vanilla, ginger, and cassia for a sweet cinnamon taste. It’s also a natural source of caffeine. We make kola the old-fashioned way, without corn syrup, dyes or artificial sweeteners. We use demerara sugar for a deep molasses taste, which makes our Kola Syrup a great addition to cocktails and sodas.

Add club soda for that old-school cola taste or use it as a replacement for simple syrup to add texture and complexity to old-fashioneds and mojitos. One bottle makes 30 drinks, and is shelf stable 12 months. (Refrigerate after opening. Will keep refrigerated for 6 months.)